Do you want to experiment with music and create? BANK15 offers to tomorrow’s creators guidance from experts, it creates events to show off their talent and it helps them with fundings. The musicians will pay

us back by collaborating with social capital.

We create, we celebrate and we LIVE, EAT, SLEEP & BREATHE CREATIVITY. Kweektuin is one of our 4 main fields of interest: it’s a platform for starting and growing artists to showcase and experiment with their music. We are here to explore the boundaries of your own creativity. 

KWEEKTUIN x Club Smederij | BANKSESSIES ; created to start kweektuin by having a chill session where artists can experiment with

their music and show off the pureness of their sound.

KWEEKTUIN x Club Smederij | MUSIC ; share your skills and create the

future. Create, educate, innovate, do good and have fun.

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